3 things to sell, when you have nothing left to sell

Things to sell when you don’t think you have anything else.

You may think you have nothing in your home to sell. Last year when I started on this journey I didn’t think I had anything to sell. I tried to sell my clothes but wasn’t overly successful. I sold some of my excess furniture but I didn’t have a lot to sell. The more I looked around the more I had to sell, the candle holder I ‘needed’ but when I got it home I no longer loved, the spare high chair that I have never used and everyone has one in my family. Everything I could find I sold. So this year when I was keen to Make Money May and sell more stuff to start the ball rolling I had run out of stuff to sell – or so I thought. Here are the things I have found to sell – when I thought I didn’t have anything else left to sell. The great thing about these items is 2 of them are also direct sales so no waiting on gumtree for a buyer!

things to sell
things to sell when you think you have nothing left
  1. Electronic devices. Things like old phones, working or not sell well. Either to specific buyers who fix or strip them. Or on Ebay and the like to home repairers who think that can make money.
  2. Old Jewellery. You won’t get rich quick selling your old silver or gold but you will make some money and get rid of your ex from your life forever. The best part about old jewellery is that it doesn’t have to be attractive or even working. Old jewellery is bought by weight only so functionality or appearance doesn’t count. Places such as Cash converters and pawn shops are a good place to start. As are jewellery shops with jewellery made on site.
  3. CD’s and DVD’s. It’s easy now to no longer need a hard copy of every movie you love. And while they are small combined they take up a lot of space. Selling old CD’s and DVD’s is easy with being able to make bulk packs. You won’t make a ton of money for each title but in packs of 3-5 you will be able to make sales on Buy Swap and Sell Facebook pages, and Gumtree.

I have sold all of these things this Making Money May. When I thought that I had nothing left to sell, and its been easy.  I hope that you get the same success that I have of selling these things.  Do you have any other items that sell really successfully?  I would love to know.

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Mum’s returning to Full Time Work

Returning to full time work after having my son was probably the most daunting experience (after becoming a mother) in my life.  I had returned to work part time previously for a couple of months before stepping up to full time.  I have found preparation isn’t just key but it is also imperative.  The calmer you are at home the easier the transition will be – hopefully.


Menu planning – the only way to survive the dinner rush.  Know what you are cooking so you can get meat out of your freezer or prep your veggies early if you have time.  This saves the dreaded afternoon – what are we having for dinner and also cuts back on the chances of take away.  I have it on the fridge so EVERYONE knows what’s for dinner.

Recipe book – I have a daggy display folder that I trundle out most days.  It has all my favourite recipes that I use regularly printed out in there.  It’s like my bible.  You may not thinking that this is very important, but not having to look them up every night is a massive stress saver for me.   It’s all there, no worrying about the i-pad battery or the internet connection.

Schedule  – I have a hand written schedule on the fridge.  This doesn’t change, it’s where the baby is going that day.  What events/exercises are on at night.  What washing/cleaning needs to be done.  It’s simple I made it with coloured textas but it does the job.   It also encourages my husband to help, if he knows what needs to be done.  I am not great with communication so it helps with me asking for help instead of doing it all on my own.

Outsourcing – If you can afford it – get help.  The whole reason I am at work is to save money, but I am not Wonder Woman.  My husband does big days so he isn’t a lot of help (no fault of his own).  This means I also have the baby with me if I am not at work.  Groceries at 5 pm with a baby that has been at day care since 8am isn’t ideal (trust me I tried it.)  So most weeks I order my groceries online.  It isn’t the cheapest way to do the groceries (although it’s great for stopping impulse buying and sticking to a budget) but it saves my sanity.  I do it in my pyjamas on a Wednesday night and get it delivered on a Friday night.  If I could I would have a cleaner and an ironing lady but at this point it just isn’t in the budget.

These things have helped me immensely.  I still however haven’t figured out the mum guilt and cry most days between day care drop off and work – but no body is perfect!

Do you have any tips for surviving back to work?

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Making Money with Tupperware

Selling Tupperware – an amazing story from a lady that went from making some extra money on Maternity leave to the top of Tupperware!  If this story doesn’t leave you inspired, I don’t know what will!  I interviewed Bec for this story – at the time Bec and her husband had just been promoted and now run their own distributorship.  Making money with Tupperware has never been so easy!

a true inspirational story how to sell tupperware and make a ton of money
How this lady made a TON of money selling TUPPERWARE
Bec’s interview about how she has made serious money with Tupperware

The best tips for a Car Boot Sale

After I completed my Spring Fling IT and got rid of a truck load of stuff out of my house. I was left with a truck load of stuff in my garage!  So naturally I wanted to get rid of this stuff quickly but was looking forward to making some extra money too.  So I went to a Car Boot Sale!  Here are my tips for a car boot sale

Our car boot sale is very local to our house and only $20 to have a site.  So quite reasonable for such a large car boot sale that attracts a lot of buyers. This is what I have learnt in my time of going to and selling at a car boot sale.

  1. A car boot sale is a good option if you are wanting to sell a lot of items. But aren’t comfortable with people coming to your house for a garage sale or perhaps have smaller stuff that is easily moved.  I chose a car boot sale because we didn’t have any furniture to sell (I sold that on gumtree) and I most things were small enough to easily move.
  2. Think out your stall design.  I luckily have trestle tables when I use to do handmade markets, these are ideal for a car boot sale.  If you can borrow some please do so. It will make your life easier and it will make your stall easier for people to look through.  Otherwise, a tarp or a waterproof  for the ground if you are laying items on the ground.  I also used boxes I had packed items in upside down to display my more interesting stuff that way things were different heights and it creates interest and items at the back aren’t overlooked.
  3. Setting up the stall – I set up a $10 table, $5 table and a $2 table. This way it was easy prices, and you don’t have to individually price items.  I made signs for each table. So easy for me to set up but also easy for people to see the prices. So when I packed my stuff I had already sorted into price boxes so it was easy to unpack onto the tables.  Place more expensive items closest to you so can
  4. Pricing – people will want to haggle, nothing surer.  Not everyone but people will, it’s part of the thrill for being at a car boot sale – so be prepared.  But don’t think you have to accept it. It’s your stuff and if you are wanting more money then stick to your guns.  I found bulk pricing is easiest instead of random priced items. I had a rack with all clothes $2, this seemed fairly standard amongst the stalls. Even items I thought were probably worth more, for the 2 items I wanted to sell for $5 it wasn’t worth having a different stand for me so I priced it all the same for some quick and easy sales.
  5. Packing the car in reverse – the best advice possible.  Otherwise you are pulling out all your items and putting them on the ground before you can get to your tables.
  6. Your comfort – don’t forget about YOU.  Pack yourself a chair, snacks, hat, water and shade if possible.  You don’t know what the day will bring best to be prepared then wasting your profit on buying food etc.
  7. Float – you will need a basic float for your sales.  Have a good spread of denominations, you don’t want to miss out on a sale because you can’t make the change.  Also consider where you are going to store your money, on you is the best policy.  I left my handbag at home and swapped it for a smaller cross body bag that had my float in it and my phone. Simple and its on you at all time!
  8. Be surprised what sells – and what doesn’t!  Weird things sell.  It’s the truth. I had a ton of my husbands brand name shirts to sell as he has lost weight.  The first thing that sold was an old faded no brand shirt… There was Ralph Lauren polo shirts in the same size but no the old t-shirt was my first sale, and the buyer was stoked! I sold magazines, old junk jewellery, glasses even an old wallet.  But people ummed and arred over a brand new $70 piece of tupperware I was selling for $10!
  9. By the end of the day I was left with a bag of clothes, that went straight to the Salvation Army. And a couple of my $10 pieces that I felt were already a bargain and I didn’t want to lower the price. (I now have them on Gumtree). So it was a raging success – well worth my 4 am wake up!
  10. It can be done alone.  I wanted to be able to do it myself. My husband came for about half an hour so I could have a quick look around and to run to the bathroom.  But both set up and pull down is fairly easy and I always felt completely safe.  I found other stall holders very nice and helpful.

I hope this inspires you to clear out your unwanted and unneeded stuff and start making money with a car boot sale.

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How to make money with Surveys

Did you know that you could make money with surveys in Australia???  I always thought that it was only an American thing, but it’s not! We too can enjoy the sweet and easy rewards from filling in easy surveys online and make money doing so!

easy ways to make money online
Making money taking surveys online


Easy to join and to fill in, perfect for making money during nap time or lunch time and help out the budget! These are the ones that I have personal experience with!  All have a $20 reward threshold before you can cash out.

Valued Opinions– Simple to use with an app you can download onto your smart phone.  Not as many surveys others but easy claim into vouchers.

Pureprofile – Easy surveys with rewards that go into either your bank or vouchers. Now also have an easy to use app!

My Opinions

iSurvey World

Opinion Bureau

Survey Rewardz

My Survey

All of these have been simple and quick to set up and user friendly!  I recommend signing up to at least two.  If you set yourself a goal soon you can start saving up vouchers for Christmas or a Birthday.  Let me know if you do surveys and what your favourites are!

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Making Money – Scentsy

So it is Making Money May! And I have a couple of success stories of inspirational women who have forged ahead in their own style – which I love! And so I am going to start sharing their stories. There are so many ways that you can make money.  But what I love the most is that these ladies have gone above and beyond to do what they love.  And make it work for them and their families AND bring in the money that every family needs!  So how can you start Making Money with Scentsy.

The first wonder woman is Kristy from SCENTSY, I have never met Kirsty in person but her story is so inspirational I had to reach out to her and ask her to share her story.  She has been very successful “I made the top of the compensation plan in less than a year and was Australia’s first to do so. I did this with some pretty major struggles too, very poor health needing ICU, marriage breakdown.. you name it! The universe threw it at me! But I persisted and never gave up and love to help other’s!”  This is not a sponsored post!  I just thought it’s a great idea to share how others are making money in a less traditional job!

Making money with Scentsy
A success story of how to make money with Scentsy
Kristy’s Success Story with Scentsy

How long have you been doing Scentsy  – I have been doing Scentsy since September 2nd 2013 so 31 months now, not quite 3 years.

How you heard of Scentsy. I saw a post on Facebook!

Why you started I had just had my 5th child and had been unemployed for some time. Due to my health issues I was no longer able to work. My husband (we are now seperated) was also unemployed, we had big debts and were struggling to make ends meet and were going to lose our home and claim bankrupcy. We even had to use the help of charitable services for food vouchers and the like. I saw the post about the Scentsy opportunity and it sounded like something I could do despite my issues and I was willing to give anything a go to save my family.

I joined Scentsy in the hopes of simply earning just enough extra income to make ends meet, week by week. 

How has it helped you financially It saved our family then from going through with applying for bankcrupy. When my marriage ended soon after joining Scentsy. It allowed me to continue earning an income to support my family of 5 children as a single Mum. I am now at the rank of Super Star Director which is the top of the compensation plan. 

I now have the freedom to run my own business and never have to worry about entering the workforce again! Prior to Scentsy, I worked in  Education with special need’s children in particular. I would have never believed anyone if they told me I could work from home and earn more than what I was! I had to work hard for this success, and you should take a look at the income disclosure statement here.

Customers already buying the products.  Why buy through someone else when you can buy through yourself and benefit from commissions, host rewards and more.

If you are in need of supplementing current income, Scentsy offer an opportunity to create income.  With a low start up cost and that can easily be made back in just a few parties, or less with your earned commissions.

If you are looking for an opportunity that is flexible: you can do home parties, basket parties, facebook style parties etc. You are not mandated to do home parties at all either, which works so well for many consultants like myself with health issues. There are many other alternative’s to running your business if home parties are not suitable for you. 

You have the opportunity to become part of an amazing company, filled with so much love and support it really does go much deeper than just financial for so many! 

If you have been on any incentive trips Each year Scentsy offer qualifying consultants an all expenses paid Incentive Trip for either 1 or 2. Since joining Scentsy, I have earned each yearly trip for 2 people. The last 2 year’s the Incentive Trips were to LA in 2014, Bali in 2015 and this year Singapore. For details on how consultants earn incentive trips see here.

If you love Kristy’s story as much as I did and think you would like to buy some Scentsy (who wouldn’t) OR join Scentsy click HERE

Here are the nitty gritty details if you think Scentsy might be for you!

How much is the initial outlay for products?

$152.00AUD and this gives you everything you will need to get started – see my webpage for further details. Here

How much commission can you earn from sales?

Commissions start at 20% on your Personal Retail Volume (PRV).   Once you accumulate your first 1,000 points in PRV you then have a 5% raise bringing the commission up to 25%. This will also have you reach your first promotion! 

Is there a minimum amount of sales you must make per month to stay active? To remain “active” a Consultant needs to make 150PRV once every three months. (This work’s out to be roughly $220.00AUD but I tell my team to add a bit extra just to be sure.) For details on the compensation plan see Here.

Is there a possibility for promotion/growth within your company? Absolutely! in addition to earning commissions from your sales, there are other bonus/rewards of extra % paid to you in commissions. Consultant’s promote and grow their businesses through reaching PRV and recruiting which results in building their own team.  

Did you love Kristy’s story as much as I did?  are you inspired to start making money with Scentsy? I love hearing how other people have made the best of a bad situation and not only survived but thrived financially and personally.  Would you love to share your story?  I would love to hear from you!

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Making Money MAY

How did you go with no spend April?  I’m going to write up how I went soon (I went OK, not great.) Can you believe it is already May? I CAN NOT!!! So let’s launch into May and make some money!

Let's Make some money in Making Money May!!!
Let’s Make some money in Making Money May!!!

As most of you know I am a stay at home mum, I financially have to return to work in October when my baby is 13 months.  Soooo my paid maternity leave has ended and I am now roaming free… haha not really free with a husband and a 7 month old.  But I am financially free of no income, not a great place to be.  So cue Make Money May.  My friend Ashleigh came up with the idea on facebook last night, and I am running with it.

I have already done some cleaning out and come up with some things to sell on Ebay.  So this month I am going to be looking for some extra ways to come up with making money! Here are some ways I have already come up with…



Get on the making money Party!!!
Get on the making money Party!!!

I have some great things organised for Making Money in May, so stay tuned! Do you have any ideas on how you are going to make extra money in May?  Let me know in the comments I would love some more ideas!

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How to save money when preparing to have a baby

.Having a baby is a very exciting time – but it is also a very expensive time! So here are some tips on buying what you need and skipping what you don’t need!  People are very generous when it comes to babies. So don’t be afraid to borrow items or get given second hand.  You have 9 months to get ready so start looking early and be creative with how you go about collecting everything you need. How to save money when preparing to have a baby.

budget set up for baby
How to save money when setting up for babies

Saving money when preparing to have a baby

My first suggestion is to try to keep your buying to a minimum until your baby shower.  If you hold your baby shower around 6/7 months it still gives you plenty of time to buy other items you may not of received. Don’t be afraid to give a specific list of what you would like to receive.  So people buy you things you actually want and need. People often like to put in together to buy larger items and this can work in your favour, so don’t leave these off your list.

If you need to buy everything as you don’t have anyone to borrow anything from consider second hand for the larger items. Ebay and Gumtree can be your best friend, once babies outgrow things people are often keen to reclaim the room that they take up so will sell them for cheap.  Be sure to buy gender neutral furniture and prams so when the time comes you can also resell!  Nearly all baby items are washable so don’t be afraid of second hand – most baby seats, bassinets, swings and prams unclip for easy washing and line drying!

  1. Cot – This is a need but not necessarily straight away.  If you are getting a bassinet or borrowing one your little one will be sleeping in that for at least 6 weeks if not longer.  Sturdy wooden cots can be sanded and painted again and again. So don’t discount a second hand older cot (just double check that it still matches the safety requirements.)
  2. Car Seat – A safe car seat is obviously a must.  If the outlay is too much for a capsule you can rent them from Kidsafe or local baby stores. A capsule is the safe option for 0-6 month olds and you can remove them from the car in the capsule. So this saves money by then buying a car seat once they are older – and then only needed a car seat that will last longer.  It is illegal to sell used car seats (it may of been in an accident and no longer be safe) but you can borrow them.  Make sure you shop around, Target for example sell quality brands for less because their appearances and fabrics differ.
  3. Pram – A pram is needed to get your baby around easily.  Big departments stores like Big W and Target often have big named brands for considerable saving so take advantage and put it on lay-by.  Another option is second hand – prams such as city select are easy to clean.  All fabric can come apart and can be washed so this is another option to save money.
  4. Wraps & Clothes – a definite necessity.  I would recommend 10 outfits of 0000 to start with and 6 wraps.  You will still receive gifts once the baby is born so don’t be tempted to go crazy before the baby arrives.  Clothes and wraps generally wear really well and so do not be afraid of second hand.  It is lovely to buy new because they are so little but they grow so quickly – some outfits only fit for 3-4 weeks.  So when you buy them second hand they may of only been worn once or twice, it’s great saving.  Look around for bulk packs where people sell all their 0000 clothes together for even bigger savings.  Just wash before hand.
  5. Nappies & Wipes – long term if you are looking to save I recommend re-usable nappies (Check this out) But newborns generally fit best into newborn nappies so buy a box before the big day.  I wouldn’t buy more that 2 boxes because your baby may grow quickly and then you are left with nappies that no longer fit.  Wait for nappies to go on special – this happens regularly so check catalogues for the best buys.
Budget ways to set up for baby's arrival
Budget ways to set up for baby’s arrival
  1. Baby bath sling – These are reasonably cheap and make it a lot easier to bathe them.  A bath is not necessary as they will grow out in a couple of months, a bath sling will fit into a sink if necessary.
  2. Change Mat – these are the foam cut out that sits onto a change table. It can sit anywhere flat and make it easier to change the baby.  It can sit on the floor or on set of drawers.  A whole change table takes up a lot of room and doesn’t have another purpose after the baby has grown up.
  3. Swing/bouncer – it’s great to have somewhere to put your baby that isn’t their bed! Sounds obvious but its important, you can’t put a newborn on a seat! A swing that has the option to vibrate and swing is perfect for babies with wind! They are not cheap and not essential but are useful to getting things done in the first couple of months.  If you have a friend happy to lend you one before buying one if preferable babies either love or hate them!
  4. Washers – I found washers the perfect size when they are little for spit up and burping. Smaller amounts of washing and cheap to buy in baby multipacks.

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What did you find were essentials when buying baby equipment? I hope you save money when preparing to have a baby!


10 ways to make extra cash

Making extra cash can seem daunting if you are unsure about how to do it?  What would you sell?  How would you sell it?  Who would buy it?  Selling extra items from around your house is easy once you get started and a great way of keeping your house clutter free. Finding items to sell is the hardest part, but once you start you will easily find other things to sell. Ways to make extra cash is easy once you get started.

10 ways to make money
10 easy ways to make extra cash

People sell some very random stuff online – positive pregnancy tests, empty toilet rolls, vintage photos of random people or food looking like a Gremlin.  Think about what you have that you don’t want or need see if you can sell it. Some ideas that you could sell –

  • clothes
  • furniture
  • plants (especially plants that re-shoot very easily such as succulents)
  • sports equipment
  • children’s toys
  • electrical equipment – including old mobile phones
  • cd’s & dvd’s
  • vintage Tupperware, Corningware, plates.
  • vintage records
  • wedding anything (wedding dress, centre pieces, veil, shoes, bridesmaid dresses)
  • Power tools
  • books, especially text books
  • sewing machines/equipment

Once you have something to sell – double check your asking price with others in your area.  Look up sites such as





http://www.etsy.com (vintage items)

Once you set your price, choose where you would like to sell the item.

Ebay you have 20 free basic advertisements per month, but you may have to pay fees once your item is sold.

Gumtree is free to put a basic advertisement up, but it costs to renew your item if it doesn’t sell.

Facebook is also proving an easy way to sell items.  There would be multiple buy/sell & swap pages in your area.  This is great because there are no fees but it also seems to have a lot more time wasters.


Be creative with your listing. If you are selling your wedding dress – could it also be a formal dress? Is your item made before 1980 – could it be classed as vintage?  Be as descriptive as possible, measurements and a clear description will help your buyers and there will be less questions from potential buyers wasting your time.


If you have done your research I would suggest you set your price slightly lower if you need a quick sale.  Be aware that people will try to haggle on certain sites so you will need to price your item accordingly.  If going with Ebay, make sure your starting price is what you are willing to be paid. Make sure you do not underestimate the cost of postage – you can get caught here and eat into your profits quickly! Go to the Australia Postage Calculator to get an accurate pricing before you list your item.


Photos are best taken with the best light you can get – natural being the best.  If there is something wrong with the item make sure you photograph it and list it so people can see clearly the damage.  A picture can speak a thousand words – better to take more photos  so people get a clear indication of the item for sale.


Make sure that you don’t list your address on any sites.  If someone is interested make sure that another person is home if it is something that can’t be easily moved (furniture) or opt to meet in a safe place.  A Macdonald’s car park or somewhere that is well lit with a lot of people around (not a local park, or shopping centre at night).

Enjoy your earnings – you may get good at selling and appraising certain items and be able to buy things to sell quickly and make a profit.  Unintentionally I have done this many times with buying reduced clothes from a outlet store and selling them for a profit on ebay.  This especially works well if you hold them over for the next season when they are full price again (Eg jumpers, jeans).

Do you know of any items that I could add to the list that sell easily?

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