3 things to sell, when you have nothing left to sell

Things to sell when you don’t think you have anything else.

You may think you have nothing in your home to sell. Last year when I started on this journey I didn’t think I had anything to sell. I tried to sell my clothes but wasn’t overly successful. I sold some of my excess furniture but I didn’t have a lot to sell. The more I looked around the more I had to sell, the candle holder I ‘needed’ but when I got it home I no longer loved, the spare high chair that I have never used and everyone has one in my family. Everything I could find I sold. So this year when I was keen to Make Money May and sell more stuff to start the ball rolling I had run out of stuff to sell – or so I thought. Here are the things I have found to sell – when I thought I didn’t have anything else left to sell. The great thing about these items is 2 of them are also direct sales so no waiting on gumtree for a buyer!

things to sell
things to sell when you think you have nothing left
  1. Electronic devices. Things like old phones, working or not sell well. Either to specific buyers who fix or strip them. Or on Ebay and the like to home repairers who think that can make money.
  2. Old Jewellery. You won’t get rich quick selling your old silver or gold but you will make some money and get rid of your ex from your life forever. The best part about old jewellery is that it doesn’t have to be attractive or even working. Old jewellery is bought by weight only so functionality or appearance doesn’t count. Places such as Cash converters and pawn shops are a good place to start. As are jewellery shops with jewellery made on site.
  3. CD’s and DVD’s. It’s easy now to no longer need a hard copy of every movie you love. And while they are small combined they take up a lot of space. Selling old CD’s and DVD’s is easy with being able to make bulk packs. You won’t make a ton of money for each title but in packs of 3-5 you will be able to make sales on Buy Swap and Sell Facebook pages, and Gumtree.

I have sold all of these things this Making Money May. When I thought that I had nothing left to sell, and its been easy.  I hope that you get the same success that I have of selling these things.  Do you have any other items that sell really successfully?  I would love to know.

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Making Money – Scentsy

So it is Making Money May! And I have a couple of success stories of inspirational women who have forged ahead in their own style – which I love! And so I am going to start sharing their stories. There are so many ways that you can make money.  But what I love the most is that these ladies have gone above and beyond to do what they love.  And make it work for them and their families AND bring in the money that every family needs!  So how can you start Making Money with Scentsy.

The first wonder woman is Kristy from SCENTSY, I have never met Kirsty in person but her story is so inspirational I had to reach out to her and ask her to share her story.  She has been very successful “I made the top of the compensation plan in less than a year and was Australia’s first to do so. I did this with some pretty major struggles too, very poor health needing ICU, marriage breakdown.. you name it! The universe threw it at me! But I persisted and never gave up and love to help other’s!”  This is not a sponsored post!  I just thought it’s a great idea to share how others are making money in a less traditional job!

Making money with Scentsy
A success story of how to make money with Scentsy
Kristy’s Success Story with Scentsy

How long have you been doing Scentsy  – I have been doing Scentsy since September 2nd 2013 so 31 months now, not quite 3 years.

How you heard of Scentsy. I saw a post on Facebook!

Why you started I had just had my 5th child and had been unemployed for some time. Due to my health issues I was no longer able to work. My husband (we are now seperated) was also unemployed, we had big debts and were struggling to make ends meet and were going to lose our home and claim bankrupcy. We even had to use the help of charitable services for food vouchers and the like. I saw the post about the Scentsy opportunity and it sounded like something I could do despite my issues and I was willing to give anything a go to save my family.

I joined Scentsy in the hopes of simply earning just enough extra income to make ends meet, week by week. 

How has it helped you financially It saved our family then from going through with applying for bankcrupy. When my marriage ended soon after joining Scentsy. It allowed me to continue earning an income to support my family of 5 children as a single Mum. I am now at the rank of Super Star Director which is the top of the compensation plan. 

I now have the freedom to run my own business and never have to worry about entering the workforce again! Prior to Scentsy, I worked in  Education with special need’s children in particular. I would have never believed anyone if they told me I could work from home and earn more than what I was! I had to work hard for this success, and you should take a look at the income disclosure statement here.

Customers already buying the products.  Why buy through someone else when you can buy through yourself and benefit from commissions, host rewards and more.

If you are in need of supplementing current income, Scentsy offer an opportunity to create income.  With a low start up cost and that can easily be made back in just a few parties, or less with your earned commissions.

If you are looking for an opportunity that is flexible: you can do home parties, basket parties, facebook style parties etc. You are not mandated to do home parties at all either, which works so well for many consultants like myself with health issues. There are many other alternative’s to running your business if home parties are not suitable for you. 

You have the opportunity to become part of an amazing company, filled with so much love and support it really does go much deeper than just financial for so many! 

If you have been on any incentive trips Each year Scentsy offer qualifying consultants an all expenses paid Incentive Trip for either 1 or 2. Since joining Scentsy, I have earned each yearly trip for 2 people. The last 2 year’s the Incentive Trips were to LA in 2014, Bali in 2015 and this year Singapore. For details on how consultants earn incentive trips see here.

If you love Kristy’s story as much as I did and think you would like to buy some Scentsy (who wouldn’t) OR join Scentsy click HERE

Here are the nitty gritty details if you think Scentsy might be for you!

How much is the initial outlay for products?

$152.00AUD and this gives you everything you will need to get started – see my webpage for further details. Here

How much commission can you earn from sales?

Commissions start at 20% on your Personal Retail Volume (PRV).   Once you accumulate your first 1,000 points in PRV you then have a 5% raise bringing the commission up to 25%. This will also have you reach your first promotion! 

Is there a minimum amount of sales you must make per month to stay active? To remain “active” a Consultant needs to make 150PRV once every three months. (This work’s out to be roughly $220.00AUD but I tell my team to add a bit extra just to be sure.) For details on the compensation plan see Here.

Is there a possibility for promotion/growth within your company? Absolutely! in addition to earning commissions from your sales, there are other bonus/rewards of extra % paid to you in commissions. Consultant’s promote and grow their businesses through reaching PRV and recruiting which results in building their own team.  

Did you love Kristy’s story as much as I did?  are you inspired to start making money with Scentsy? I love hearing how other people have made the best of a bad situation and not only survived but thrived financially and personally.  Would you love to share your story?  I would love to hear from you!

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