Our day out with Thomas at the Workshops rail museum

We have a Thomas obsessed son, by obsessed I mean OBSESSED.  He was gifted a Thomas rail way by his cousins recently and that has fuelled his obsession.  If I got a dollar every time “toot toot” was said at our house then I wouldn’t need to work! So when we heard that Thomas was coming to the Workshops Rail Museum we decided to go and check it out.  So yesterday we had a day out with Thomas at the Workshops Rail Museum  in Ipswich.

is going to the rail museum worth it
A day out with Thomas at the Workshops Rail Museum Ipswich

If you live in South East Queensland and were considering going I would highly recommend it.  Our son is 21 months old and loved it.  However if you had older children then I think they would love it as well.  There is something for everyone.  Is going to see Thomas the tank engine worth it

There were a ton of hands on areas where you could build your own tracks, an area for under 3’s, drive a train, a chill room with lounges, Thomas books and a dvd being shown.

Frugal family fun with Thomas the train

Is the Thomas the tank engine worth it

The fat controller even had a show!  While we were there, there was an animal room as well, so plenty to see and do.

There is a cafe but you can easily bring your own lunch and sit on the lawn and enjoy the sun, we did this and it was beautiful under the trees. The carpark is nearby and free – I left our lunch in the car and went out to get it when we were hungry.

The beautiful grounds of the Workshops Rail Museum Ipswich

It cost us $14.50 for each adult and our son was free because he is under 3 years. Everything was included except there is a train ride which was $3 each or $10 a carriage.

The grounds where T

Overall we would go again.  I can not wait for our son to be older so we can spend longer there but even a his age I believe that it was for the hour drive to Ipswich.  We spent roughly 2 1/2 hours and we didn’t watch the Fat Controllers show because our son couldn’t sit still long enough!

getting ready for summer

Summer in the Southern Hemisphere can be expensive.  Not only is it a change in season but it is also Christmas, New Years Eve and back to school to consider!  So here are some handy tips to start now for an easy and budget friendly Summer! Start here to start getting ready for Summer!

frugal fun for summer
ways to have an awesome summer and stay in budget

Save now

No matter how you look at it Summer is expensive,  Christmas, vacations, school holidays, back to school the list keeps going.  Start preparing now a no spend month or surveys for money are a couple of easy ways to build up your kitty now, so you have some spending money later.  Don’t put it off, start now and enjoy your hard earned savings later.

Start booking activities now

Summer is an awesome time to get out and amongst it, lovely weather and long days.  It’s easy to spend more money doing more activities with the kids or without. Start looking now for activities, FREE or cheap activities are obviously the best, here is a great list of things to do with the kids.  But don’t forget to check out sites like scoopon now for reduced activities – the early bird gets the worm!  Vouchers for meals, museums, etc. Make a plan now and start researching – you have time to find great deals.  Booking things like surfing lessons or vacation care now and ask for an early bird discount!

Prepare for school

By the beginning of term 4 most schools are getting ready for the following school year.  Contact the school about the book list, they may not be able to give it to you yet but they would be able to give you a estimate.  Start a payment plan with the school for next year, even if you can only afford to pay a quarter of the total bill, its still a quarter you are in front for next year.  Consider taking an advertisement in the school newsletter to advertise to buy old text books or uniforms.  Anything you can spare now is a saving next year when money is tight.  Ask for school equipment for Christmas presents, a new back pack from grandma, a new hat from Aunt Liz, all things that YOU don’t need to pay for come January.

Consider your holiday or vacation

If you live in a highly desired area and are going away, consider renting out your house.  You could use an agency such as AirBnb or just let your friends (trustworthy ones) on Facebook know.  If you would love to go away but it’s not in the budget, you could also consider a house swap.  Something like Facebook is a good platform to test the waters with friends and family from out of town.


If you follow me on instagram you know how much a love a plant for a gift.  By taking cuttings now, by Christmas you should have a nice plant to give away with little cost.  Something like a jade plant, always looks good inside or out and so easy to propagate.  Paint a pot and you are good to go, even better if you have children and they can decorate a pot for you.  A cheap craft activity and a perfect gift for grandma or a teacher sorted for minimum cost.  Another idea is to grow from seed, packets of seeds are cheap and produce A LOT.  Perfect for when you need to supply a lot of gifts like for school or day care teachers.


The common theme for a frugal Summer is preparation, don’t let it creep up on you.  Start small now and you will have the best Summer your family at has had – frugal fun that will keep you in budget but enjoying every minute!

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