Winter wardrobe refresh

Winter refresh


Winter refresh by budgetmumblog featuring a chambray top
I have started doing an audit of my own winter wardrobe to see what I need to add to it.  Once I started looking I thought I would show you guys how many great items are out there for a reasonable price that will refresh your winter wardrobe for under $30!

Chambray top



Emerson cardigan



Denim jacket

Waterfall waistcoat



Ankle booties




How being unorganised wastes money

Being unorganised is a hard rut to get out of.  But the problem is that it spills out over all parts of your life and makes it hard to get out of – however if you can keep these main areas organised you will save money month after month.  Which leaves you with more money for the fun stuff! So how does being unorganised wastes money?

How being unorganised wastes money
How being unorganised wastes money

How being unorganised wastes money

  1. Your bill payments – missing your payment schedule is throwing money away.  Often you will get charged for being only a couple of days late.  Creating a bill calendar will help you keep on top of it – setting up a direct deposit is easy and free and you will never forget.
  2. Your pantry & grocery bill – keeping your pantry and fridge organised and your grocery list lean your saving money on food that you already have or food your don’t need – get some tips Here. Having a couple of go-to meals that are either frozen or easy to prepare so those nights that don’t go to plan you have an easy solution that is NOT takeaway!
  3. Presents & Gifts – start early and save. Write your list earlier and buy when things go on sale.  Being more organised will help take the last minute “buy anything” problem and ultimately save you money along the way.  Also buy spare cards when you see cheap generic cards so you never are stuck with only $5 options.
  4. Buy clothes in off season – buying clothes for the season ahead is an easy money saver especially for children. Buying summer clothes in winter when they are marked down means you get quality clothes for less. For more tips have a look here

Budget Mum BlogAny other ideas that I may of missed? Let me know how you thinking being organised saves money?

Stop wasting money on clothes.

When you are trying to saving money – many people often think saving money on clothes means shopping at Kmart and not getting anything of quality.  But actually shopping to save is quite the opposite.  Long term you will save a lot more money if you buy things that will stand the test of time in quality, construction and style.  So let me show you how to stop wasting money on clothes.

save money on clothes
Save money when buying clothes

BUT first you need to clean out your closet.  Like always if you have a messy, unorganised wardrobe then this is half your problem. Clean out all your clothes, I mean everything.  Anything that you don’t wear or doesn’t fit get rid of it.  Sell it or donate it but move it out of the way.  If you have a maybe pile, put it into a spare room or space.  If you don’t use them in 12 months get rid of them too!  A clean and easy to use wardrobe will make it easy to find clothes and wear a range of clothes instead of the same old clothes that are at the front.

save money buying clothes
Having an organised wardrobe helps you save money in the long term
Once you are left with things you actually wear – make a list of what you need and what you want.  Proiritise what you need sooner rather than later and ask your self this questions
  • I don’t own at least 3 things in my wardrobe already that it will match with?
  • Will I change my mind when I get home?
  • I don’t have an event/occasion coming up soon that I will wear it to?
  • Does it have special cleaning instructions, that will turn me off washing it and wearing it?
  • Is this item poor quality and will not last long?
  • Do I have to wear special underwear that I will stop me wearing it regularly (Eg Spanx or strapless bra)?
  • Do I need to lose weight to wear it regularly?
  • Do I need to put it on my credit card to afford the item?
If you answer YES to any of these questions, put it back, you shouldn’t waste your money on this! Then ask yourself these questions…
  • It this item overly trendy and I will only wear it one season?
  • Does this item something that I will get sick of quickly and stop wearing?

If this item cheap enough, then definitely consider it for a quick and easy update to your wardrobe but if it expensive and seasonal consider not buying it because chances are you will not get the value from the item.

What to look for when shopping
  • Neutral colours that will go with a lot in your existing wardrobe
  • Fabric that is easy to care for
  • Quality fabric that is going to last a long time
  • Classic styles that will mix and match with existing wardrobe
  • Quality stores that have a good reputation and rewards programs
  • Quality over brand names
  • Markdowns that offer good savings
  • Items out of season to maximise savings
  • Investigate shops you may not normally shop at (eg Target)
  • Don’t disregard buying second hand – EBay, second hand stores and garage sales in wealthy areas all offer high quality items heavily reduced.

When looking to buy clothes, wear suitable underwear and shoes to get a proper appreciation of what the clothes will look like when you are wearing them out.

Look for classic cuts and quality fabrics. Every summer in the January sales I buy a couple of tops that are in $100 range.  Not something I would normally spend but I have found that these tops have become my go-to I wear them to work and out and every time someone comments on how nice they are.  While these aren’t in my budget regularly they have all out lasted the Kmart tops that I buy regularly to ‘fill up’ my wardrobe and all wash and wear a lot better too!

stop wasting money
Stop wasting money on clothes

I hope this gives you some ideas how to stop wasting money on clothes and start saving money!

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