Success for 2018!

Did you know that only 8% of people reach their goals and keep their new years resolutions? Don’t you want success for 2018?  Here are my steps to make 2018 a success!  For a moment treat yourself like a business and make sure you get results in 2018 and bering success for 2018.

Reaching your goals in 2018
Success in 2018
  1. Review 2017 – find out what happened in 2017.  The good and the bad.  Did you reach your goals?  Why or why not? By knowing what is propelling you or holding you back is knowing how to be successful in 2018.
  2. Make your goals.  By following the SMART principal of goal setting. Make your goals = S – Specific M- Measurable A- achievable R – Relevant T – time. So instead of saying in I want to take control of my finances.  Try a goal like my October 1, 2018 I want to pay off 2 credit cards (total $6,000) and save $1000 emergency fund.
  3. Make a plan. If your goal is to pay off $6000 and save $1000 you are looking at a total of $7000 you need to come up with before October. So between January and September there is 9 months.  So roughly $778 a month you need to pay off or save.  Or $195 a week (4 week month).  How are you going to reach your goals?  By changing your spending?  Or by increasing your income?
  4. Realise why your plan is important!  Is it because you will be in charge of your finances, or debt free.  Or is it to prove to yourself that you’ve got this? What ever the senario it is important to know why you want to reach your goals and what that will change when you DO reach your goals.
  5. Constantly reassess your goals and how you are tracking.  Don’t give up.  If you have a bad month, get back up and start again.  If your goal of $195 per week isn’t met for 3 weeks, don’t stop being $585 short is better than still being in $6000 debt.

You might find this planner to be helpful free here!

I have started a facebook group if your interesting in supporting others and getting tips to reach your goals!  The group link is here.

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2018 Free Budget Planner

Last year I created a free budget planner to download.  This year I think I have made an even better planner for you to download!  It is the only budget planner you will need to get your finances in order for 2018.  I know I want to make 2018 MY year – do you want to join me?

Free planner to reach your 2018 goals
Download your free budget planner for 2018

The beautiful planner has pages for month budget, bill tracker, savings tracker, debt tracker and even a recipe planner for you favourite frugal dinners.  And a new addition is the colouring pages at the back for your debt and savings to keep you on track! Everything in the one place ready to go and to make 2018 your best year!  I hope you love it!

Click the download button below!  I would love to see you using it – use the hashtag #budgetmumplanner on instagram.

love budget mum blog - frugal and budget living blog