How to use re-usable nappies and save

I use re-usable nappies for a number of reasons but the one I keep going back to is the cost.  If you are on the fence about this I suggest you buy a trial pack and give it a go – I think you will be pleasantly surprised about how easy it is!  I hope you learn to use re-usable nappies and save money!

Save money with re-usable modern cloth diapers
How to save money with re-usable nappies
Its not that gross – 

When I pregnant and thought about changing nappies I thought number 3 and poo-explosions – the worse case scenario.  But it was/is rarely the case.  Yes they happen but honestly it’s a bucket load more 1’s than 2’s and whole lot less of the 3’s!  Using  re-usable nappies is exactly like changing a disposable nappy, so not any extra gross.

Bamboo liners – makes it uber easy peasy.

When I use the re-usable nappies I normally also use a flushable bamboo liner. The brand of nappy I use Bonnibuns doesn’t require these at all. I only started using them because to be honest I was a bit queazy about re-usable nappies in the beginning – but they are so easy I continued using them.  You lift them out of the nappy and flush, the liquid goes into the nappy liner and solid stays on the bamboo liner and into the toilet!  I use these

Easy clean – 1 load of washing a night with a dash of washing liquid.

Nearly all re-usable nappies recommend only a small amount of washing liquid (about half of a normal load) so there is no build up and the liners stay super absorbent! With my nappies the shell is super quick drying but the liner takes a little longer (liner clips out) you can buy extra liners if you need to.  As I said above I use bamboo liners most of the time but when I haven’t and it was a number 2 I flipped as much as I could into the toilet and washed as normal (no pre-soaking needed just washing machine).  Once I dried them on the line I couldn’t tell which liner it was – so they wear and wash very well!

Multi – fit so you can use these for 2 years (or however long your babe is in nappies!

Disclaimer: I did use new-born nappies.  Think of all the land fill you will save if you use re-aseable nappies! Bonnibuns come with snap clips which are super easy and clips last longer than velcro on other brands! My babe has chunky legs but a small waist and they fit him no problems.

They are Cute

If you have a summer baby like me, a nappy and singlet and away you go.  Heaps of different colours so you can match your singlet!


I own 12 nappies (which I find more than enough).  I use on average 6 per day, and I still use a disposable at night.  Bonnibuns come with an extra liner for night time, but I have never used them as Paddy sleeps through and we have never had a leak with disposables overnight.  (If it ain’t broke – I’m not fixing it, or in this case making any changes to my baby’s sleeping patterns!) So I wash every night and I have 6 on the clothes line to dry the next day and 6 ready to go) The original outlay is about $270, a box of Huggies is about $28 on special.  So a set of re-usables equals 9 1/2 boxes of Huggies! Trust me 9 boxes of Huggies isn’t going to get you through 2 years like a set of re-usables will.  And you can re-use your re-usable nappies for all of your children or neices and nephews.  Getting cheaper and cheaper ever time!  If you choose to use the bamboo liners they are about 10c each and a disposable nappy is about 40c, so still ongoing cost but as I said before optional and not necessary.

These are my best reasons why you should at least give them a go.  Most brands have trial packs that you can buy and see for yourself how great and easy to use they are!  Let me know if you love them as much as me!

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Why you should LOVE your budget!

Do you have a budget?  When I was younger I thought budgets were for boring people. People who had a depressing financial outlook, people that needed help.  I didn’t need a budget (so I thought) so why would I use one? But budgets are for everyone, are you to love your budget?


love and use your budget
Learn how to LOVE your budget
Why I didn’t want to use a budget

At first it is daunting to find out how much you spend of things like take away or groceries.  These were our two categories that really got away on us when I didn’t use our budget.  I was almost defensive about our spending and our spending habits and didn’t want things to change because I thought I was happy.  But deep down I wasn’t happy I was embarrassed.  As our income increased I was happy still “making it by” instead we should of been saving.  It is important that as your income increases your spending doesn’t also increase without you noticing.

Why you need a budget

As I have got older I have found that having a budget is liberating.  Yes you heard that right, LIBERATING.  Fun – nearly.  We use our budget to track our spending, it is how we have been able to go on holidays, buy our house and now live on one income.  My point is a budget can be useful at any stage of your finances for any reason.  It can be a way to identify areas to reduce to save for fun events or a way to build a much needed emergency fund so you are finally going forward.

It is comforting to know that you will have enough money at the end of the month to pay the mortgage. But it is also rewarding to live your life knowing that money is no longer a stressful part of it.  Once you start making changes and getting closer to your goal it can be addictive and fun to make a game out of making more changes to get closer.

We use our budget in track all financial actions in our house.   However once you are committed to your goal the implementation and rewards are awesome!

  1. Set a goal.  This could be anything, it may just be to make your money last all month.  Or is could be saving for something large or preparing for financial situation to change (such a going to one income).
  2. Commit.  Everyone in your family who handles the money needs to commit.  It may just be you, but you can’t be half in – it’s all or nothing.  Even if you have teenagers it may be worth sharing your goal with them so you don’t self sabotage.
  3. Keep financial track.  I recommend doing this for at least 1 month.  Keeping track of all financial transactions in the house help you see where you money goes and how you can save money in certain areas.  I know that some areas will truly shock you.  But this is a good thing, knowledge is power.
  4. Add up year/monthly and weekly bills. Make a full list – car registration, insurance, health insurance, school fees, dental work, credit cards, mobile phone bill, maintenance for car.  Everything that is a necessity in your life.  Add it all up for a year and divide by how often you get your pay so you know how much to save each pay cycle.
  5. Make your budget. Referring to your goal and your financial track record work out your budget.  Don’t forget to work into your bills fund, and how much you want to save (if thats you goal).  They key is to not slash areas of your budget.  If you want to stick to your budget your need to make it realistic.  If your money doesn’t stretch as far as you would like then you need to make some lifestyle changes.  Shop around for big bills such as insurances or phone and internet providers.
  6. Implement your budget and stick to it.  This will be the hardest step, but once you know how quickly things add up (eg $300 on takeaway because your lazy or unorganised.) You can then realise how attainable that family holiday.  To keep inspired set up an inspiration board to show what your goal is. You can make a physical one on your fridge or set one as your screen saver on your phone so you have a reason to stick it out.
  7. LOVE YOUR BUDGET. Once your into your budget and you have your goal and you start to see that your goal is achievable, you will love what you and your budget have done for your lifestyle.
  8. Re-evaluate your budget. Once your goal is near you can afford to “put yourself under pressure” and get even better results.  Every 6 months a good shake up is refreshing and helpful.  Its important to keep your budget relevant to your life so you are more likely to keep at it.

Do you use a budget? Let me know how you use your budget at your house and how it has made a difference in your life!

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