Must Have Christmas Recipes

I have been asked a lot recently about our Christmas Menu.  And what I recommend for Must Have Christmas Recipes.  So I decided to put all the recipes together that I will be using this year so that there is an easy reference point to make it easier for you guys!

A collection of Christmas Recipes that you will come back to year after year!
My must have Christmas Recipes

What shouldn’t come as a surprise is that most of them are sweets! Haha don’t say you weren’t warned! It doesn’t mean we only eat sweets at Christmas but it means I am NEVER put in charge of savouries at any family event unless it is Potato based! I know my calling!

So here is the good stuff!

The only potato salad you will ever want or need!

Rum Balls – a great family tradition!

Bake Play Smile’s thermomix fudge!

I made it today and I will making it again before the big day – the BEST rocky road

The forever favourite – Chocolate Spiders

Chocolate Brownie Christmas Trees – the perfect bring a plate!

The best dessert for a hot Christmas Day – Chocolate Flake cheesecake

The best Australian dessert of all – Pavlova

I hope this makes it easier to find all the recipes I love!  I love Christmas and I love baking for Christmas it just has so many memories for me!  I hope you enjoy this collection of recipes too!  Wishing you and your family a peaceful and beautiful Christmas!

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