About Budget Mum

Hi & welcome to Budget Mum Blog!  I hope you will spend sometime looking around and getting to know about me!

I set up Budget Mum to keep track of and inspire my own financial journey.  I am hoping to share what I have learnt and use this blog to keep myself on track.  I haven’t always been good with money. In fact I have been for a good portion of my life terrible with money. When I met my husband everyone told me “I fell on my feet” which is still quite the joke between my husband and I.  But really he is just good with money and has helped me see money differently.

Since we have been together (9 years) our financial situation has changed many different times, good, bad and wasteful.  First we bought our first unit when I was still at university, so things were beyond tight, we ate a lot of tuna mornay to get by.  Once I finished uni, things were great and we lived life accordingly.  We then decided to get married and go on our first overseas holiday together.  So again we saved – when we had a goal.  But for many years in between we just spent most of our money.  When we decided to buy a new house  – we had a goal and saved again until we managed to get ourselves into our own house.  Once we moved in we decided to start a family and now our little boy is here. So we are aiming to live on one income for at least one year.

When I looked for help online on how I could save money- there were many great sites but none in Australia. So that’s how Budget Mum was born – I wanted a place I could write about saving money in Australia.  A place I could put my personal goals for life so I had an aim in life and a goal to live a less wasteful life.  I don’t want a life  without luxuries, I want a life where my money goes on what I think is important. You can see above without a goal I am hopeless and I admit that.  So here are my goals for the next couple of years

  1. Stay at home with my son for a year – DONE
  2. Renovate our Bathrooms
  3. Renovate our Laundry
  4. Travel through Australia (2-3 weeks) – DONE!
  5. Travel to Hawaii

Occasionally there are some affiliate link and advertising on my blog. This helps me pay for the cost of running the blog.  If you would like to work with Budget Mum or would like more information from my Media Pack please feel free to email me, I would love to hear from you.

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