20 ways to make extra income

20 ways to make extra income – everyone should have a side hustle.  Some way to make extra money on the side, to help you pay off that credit card or save up for your holiday.  The average millionaire has 7 sources of income, so you should at least have more than 1!  Here are 20 ideas to get you started!

20 ways to make extra income
20 ways to make extra income in Australia
Ways to make extra money
  1. Mow lawns in your area.  Perfect if you live in an area with older residents or business people that are too busy.  You can even start by using their lawn mower so there is no cash outlay.
  2. Start a blog.  Its not going to make money over night but eventually if you write about something that people are interested in – it could.
  3. Start baking – selling and decorating cakes and desserts.  People are so busy these days that this can be very lucrative.
  4. Tutoring high school students in a subject that you are good at.
  5. Delivering papers or pamphlets and as an added bonus you get exercise.
  6. Babysitting – a reliable trustworthy babysitter is worth their weight in gold.  Be a good babysitter and you will have too much work!
  7. Take in a boarder or international student to use up your spare bedroom.
  8. Sell your craft or cooking at local markets.
  9. Pick up the kids from school!  Be your own after school care, pick up the kids and give them afternoon tea until their Mum and Dad finish work.
  10. Become a dog walker – great if your a dog person and great for your fitness.
  11. Wash dogs – a job hated by many.  Turn it into a nice little money maker for yourself!
  12. House sit – especially great if you are between renting.  Sometimes you get paid and you save on rent.
  13. Become an Uber driver.  You choose your hours! Join Here
  14. Clean houses – who loves cleaner – no one!  So many people are happy to pay for someone else to do it for them!
  15. Clean out peoples gutters! All you need is a ladder and a garbage bag (or blower vac) and you ready to go.  Another job no body want to do.
  16. Be a ghost writer for bigger blogs or web sites.
  17. Rent out your garage for storage.
  18. Plant and sell plants.  Particularly easy if you choose plants that propagate quickly such as succulents.
  19.  Pool maintenance, cleaning others pools and getting the water tested for people who are busy.
  20. Clothes alterations, sewing and mending is a dying art.  Know how to hem a pair or pants and replace a zip and you have a nice side business.

Did I miss any ways that you make extra income???  I hope this list helps you to make extra income!

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